About Us

We are made up of amateur golfers, club fitters, golf store owners, scratch golfers, golfers with mid to high handicaps, golfers that have been through Q-School, caddies, country club employees, public course employees, golf course grounds keepers, golf enthusiasts, wildly competitive golfers, golfers that play just about everyday, golfers that play a few times a year, golf professionals, golf coaches.

I built this site because I have been on a journey since I picked up the game of golf to get better.  To find the best products.  To find the right clubs for my swing.  To find the most helpful golf aids.  To find the most comfortable and stable golf shoes. To find the most efficient golf bag.  To find the most comfortable golf apparel.  To find the lightest golf rain gear.  To find the perfect golf cold weather gear.  To find the best golf sunglasses with the best lenses for reading greens on the golf course.  All of us that participate on this site have very different jobs and different perspectives when it comes to the world of golf but what we do have in common is that we love the game of golf, we love the sport of golf, we love the products , the people and the environment that comes along with it.

Golftips.net is always looking for great products to try and discuss.  We are always looking for the next big tip.  If you have something to share or would like to submit a golf tip of your own please contact us today.